Our Story


In 2018, Dry Dog Kennel Mats was introduced to the market with a mission to provide man’s best friend with a product as loved as they are.

The idea for this product came to me during one of many pheasant hunting trips with my buddies. We adopted this hobby as something to look forward to during the cold winter months in Minnesota. A few years into it, my wife and I welcomed our first child to the family—a yellow lab named Punch. It’s Punch who I have to thank as the true inspiration behind the product. 

One issue I consistently noticed was that after a day in the field, putting a wet, dirty dog into a kennel that had blankets for padding caused problems. The blankets ended up stinky and filthy. And more importantly, it made traveling unsafe for Punch. On our drives home, I could hear him sliding as the blankets shifted out from under him in the kennel. After extensive research, I learned there isn’t a product that exists in the market that is conducive to a wet, dirty dog. So, I set out to make a kennel mat for the active dog.

Luckily, the timing of this idea coincided with a three-week paternity leave where I dedicated my free time (and newfound sleepless nights) to designing a product and building a website. After several iterations and testing, prototypes were born.

My vision for this mat is to custom fit to all dog crates/kennels: beach dogs, cabin dogs, hunting dogs, and to make their space clean, safe and comfortable.